Sunday, December 30, 2007

Some Facts about Linux Source Code

Hi all, I have been fascinated by the Linux/Unix OS from the time I started to use them. The Linux OS gives another meaning to freedom and this is where it truly scores over big brother Microsoft. The source code is free, any user can play with it and use his/her creative faculties to get added functionalities.
The Linux kernel is made up of 6 million lines of C code and takes up 230MB of disk space. Written in a book form it would atleast take up 50,000 pages. The code is not commented and thus trying to understand it, is the challenge and beauty of working on the Linux kernel. The major part of the kernel are the ones implementing memory management.
These are very few snippets that I found when consulting various books. I would be updating the information about the linux kernel and Linux Os in general. Till then Keep blogging.