Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Most Indian Men Are Lechers

Hi all, being an Indian male gives you a free hand in giving the females a tough time. Having observed the psyche of Indian men especially over a period of time I find them chauvinist, lecherous towards the fairer sex. In market places I quite often see men and boys ogling at women (don't ask me places where they focus there eyes on). At crowded places they never miss any opportunity to get there hands on a women's assets, testimony to it are the famous incidents of eve teasing in Mumbai during the last 2 new year revelries. Today as well while buying fruits I could see a group of boys ogling and passing obscene comments on two foreigner girls. Seriously there has to be done something about it. It is happening all too often and the audacity of these people is scaling new proportions day by day.
I find these men and boys very weak from inside that is the reason they want to show there manly side by resorting to such petty things. It would rather do there future some good if they could spend this time on some constructive endeavors. I always believe that harassing a female or abusing her body is the worst sin that anyone could commit but the same is being committed with such impunity that it has become a norm rather than an exception. If a stand is not taken against these crimes then GOD save Indian women.
All the talk about our culture is sheer nonsense and bullshit. In the garb of our cultural heritage all the wrong that could be committed against women is committed. How many of us realize and accept rape within marriage? These are just some of the issues about which I am really concerned and would soon file a public interest litigation to do my bit. Till then if any of you feel the same as me, your comments are always welcome.

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